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Greetings and welcome to my old school personal website. My name is Luigi and I come from the Internet, the bad parts.

This is where I post stuff about science, technology, games, life, swordfighting, oddities and curiosities, and cats. Currently I am taking a Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence and wrestling with the Prolog logical programming language, so you might see a few posts about that. Im my free time I play around with game engines (Godot and Unity 3D mostly), I play with swords and dice, and sometimes manage to write.

If this website looks a bit basic it's because of this blog post by Fabien Sanglard, which inspired me. He's pretty awesome and you should check his blog out, and get his books.

Please take your time, browse around and don't forget to comment, like and subscribe.
Joking, there is no such thing. Anyway, welcome and enjoy.

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